What plans are in place regarding COVID-19?


Should COVID-19 persist into 2021 we want to assure you that Catholics at the Capitol will not be cancelled. It may need to look different, but you will receive the quality programming, invigorating talks, and the opportunity to make a difference in your community that you have come to expect. Below is an outline of what might happen should we need to alter our programming.

Plan A: Our hope is that the event will take place fully in-person as it has in the past. Rallying together as a community of Minnesota Catholics eager to make a difference in our state is indispensable. We will do what we can to host the event in person, and abide by the necessary protocols should there be any.

Plan B: If there are restrictions on the number of people who can gather, we will move to a hybrid format. Those who registered early will be offered the first space to join us for the in-person event. All others can join us online. We are committed to delivering both the in-person and online formats with excellence so that no one misses out on the quality programming and information throughout the day.

Plan C: If we are unable to meet in person, we are ready to pivot and move Catholics at the Capitol online. While the delivery will look different, the content will remain high quality. The online format will include most components of the current schedule including quality keynotes, instruction on how to engage your legislators, and information from our sponsors. We will strive to set up online district meetings so that everyone has a chance to talk with their legislators and make a difference in our state!

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