Catholics at the Capitol!



On mission for life and dignity

There is no time more important than now to speak out in defense of life and dignity at the State Capitol! Even just a handful of people can influence the laws passed by our elected officials; just imagine the impact of every Catholic voice joining together!

Catholics at the Capitol is designed for YOU! Whether you are an "old pro" in the political arena, exasperated with divisive politics, or someone who doesn't know where to begin, “CatCap” will fortify your faith, provide you with the hope needed to heal the cynicism and division in politics, and equip you to speak with your lawmakers.

CatCap Attendees join Minnesota's Bishops & Catholics from across the state to be FORMED in the Faith, INFORMED on the Issues, and SENT on Mission to TRANSFORM our State!


What Attendees are saying: 

I've been to both of the Catholics at the Capitol events and plan on attending any future events. I'm all in!!!

It was great to be among so many Catholics who are willing to make their voices heard in political issues that affect them and their faith. Interesting to see many young people.

I was hesitant about participating, not wanting to get politically involved. The MCC Staff were encouraging to me with the training. They said "the legislators are just people like us. Get to know them and have some fun with it." They were right.



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