2017 Catholics at the Capitol

Wondering what happened at the first-ever Catholics at the Capitol?? If you were at the event, take some time to reminisce. If you are wondering if you should attend the next 'CatCap', read through the information below and watch the videos to get a better grasp on what this outstanding event is all about!



What was the impact?


All 6 MN Bishops   |   42 Volunteers   |   125 High School Students   |   1128 Attendees!

I am well into adulthood and blessed to really follow my faith life daily, yet in the political realm, my duty as a citizen, was quite fearful and doubtful of how to even approach learning how to be a faithful Catholic in this way. The way that you led the event from the program to the visits, left me strengthened and fill with joy and courage to meet again with my representatives. The fact that we went as a group gave me the option to observe or speak and brought freedom for me as such a beginner.

- 2017 Attendee

Feeling the excitement of all there and knowing they took their Faith seriously really made me feel proud to be part of such a worthwhile activity. I was especially encouraged to see so many young people, Priests, Bishops, and students all of us together, working and hoping to maybe change minds or solidify the truths of catholic concerns for the people of our state

- 2017 Attendee


What did we learn?

Learn more about the issues that were pertinent in 2017!

Read through our bill guide to take a deeper dive into our stance on these issues!

We asked for St. Paul's intercession!

Watch the full morning program!!


Why were we excited?

This year's legislative session brings with it many opportunities, but also some urgent challenges. As Minnesotan's we are called to stand up for life and human dignity! On March 9, you will have an opportunity to do just that in a powerful way, right here in our State Capitol. . . . Whether you are a seasoned political veteran or a newcomer to advocacy, you will be informed, inspired, and equipped to bring your faith into the public square. . . . Catholic voices count! 

- Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis

We got to hang with Paul! 


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