I don’t necessarily agree with the bishops’ policy positions on certain issues. Can I still attend?


Of course! The policy positions of the Minnesota Catholic Conference are prudential applications of Catholic Social Teaching. In offering their perspective, the bishops of Minnesota seek to fulfill their responsibilities as teachers and shepherds caring for both Catholics and all Minnesotans.

In the case of public policy, the bishops propose rather than impose. They hope that Catholics and all people of good will consider their perspective in important policy debates and join their voice in advocacy, but Catholic Social Teaching is meant to be an intellectual framework for all Catholics, to help us discern the will of God in each circumstance. Every Catholic is responsible for prayerfully considering, guided by the Scriptures and the wisdom of the Church, their own position on important policy issues.

You may be struggling with certain positions that MCC proposes, or in some instances, even strongly disagree. Even if there are points of prudential disagreement, we hope that Catholics at the Capitol is still an opportunity for study, reflection, fellowship, and working for the good on issues in which there is agreement.