I have never talked to legislators before. Does talking to them really make a difference?


Absolutely! Your legislators are elected to serve you, their constituents. It’s their job to find out what your concerns are, and do their best to represent you at the Capitol. You are their most valuable resource because you help them identify the specific challenges that they should be working to address.

Whether or not you’ve spoken to your legislators before, they will be happy to meet you and listen to your concerns. Meeting your lawmakers in person at Catholics at the Capitol is a great way to start building a relationship with them; then, next time you get in touch (for instance, in the middle of the legislative session with a critical vote on a key issue coming up), you won’t be an anonymous voice on the phone—they’ve already met you in person!

What’s more, Catholics at the Capitol will offer programming in the morning that will inform you about the key issues and equip you to influence your lawmakers. Be not afraid. Unless you are a District Leader or feel passionate to speak about one of our advocacy issues, you need not speak during meetings. Your presence alone speaks volumes.

We’ll make sure you have an enjoyable and impactful visit to the Capitol!